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The Unexpected Acrobat

The Unexpected Acrobat By Joan Aragone   Maybe it was the cold weather, or the polluted air, or what seemed an unending color scheme of brown, navy and black, but on this winter Sunday in Beijing, I needed a break. It was the late 1980’s and I’d been teaching in a university program with excellent [...]

Do Your Research Before Considering Medical Tourism

I first encountered people traveling for medical treatment overseas more than 20 years ago when I was working in Beijing. They came from everywhere for cosmetic surgery or other treatments. European tourists discussed health care in Bangkok. As a foreign resident, I visited the same prestigious medical center that served high-ranking government officials. Dentists crowned [...]

China’s Surprising Tropical Resort : Development is slowly luring tourists back to the beaches of Hainan Island.

HAINAN ISLAND, China — As the 40-minute flight from Guangzhou cut through the clouds and began its descent to Haikou Airport, at the northern tip of Hainan Island, we could see new high-rises protruding over rice fields and tumbledown shacks. Lush fields and ribbons of beach lined both sides of the small city below. We [...]