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Do Your Research Before Considering Medical Tourism

I first encountered people traveling for medical treatment overseas more than 20 years ago when I was working in Beijing. They came from everywhere for cosmetic surgery or other treatments. European tourists discussed health care in Bangkok. As a foreign resident, I visited the same prestigious medical center that served high-ranking government officials. Dentists crowned [...]

Time Film provides insight into internal life of Danville Alzheimer’s patient

When filmmaker Scott Kirschenbaum visited the dementia care unit at Danville’s Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living to research a film on Alzheimer’s, he was greeted by a lively woman who offered to show him around. “She presented herself as a staff member,” Kirschenbaum later said. But as the tour progressed, he saw she was one [...]

Studying French or Spanish may revive an aging brain

Compared to most Europeans and college-educated people from other parts of the world, Americans are known for being able to speak only one language: English. And when scholars or travelers advocate the study of foreign languages in the United States, the reaction is often, “Why bother? This country is huge, and everybody speaks English. And [...]

Messing with Medicare

Messing with Medicare

Republicans are experiencing pushback as details of the House budget proposal, especially as it affects Medicare, become known to the public. The proposal is not just tinkering. As somebody old enough to remember the Vietnam War, I recall that well-known statement attributed to the U.S. military: Some might say the House budget plan, written by [...]