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Do Your Research Before Considering Medical Tourism

I first encountered people traveling for medical treatment overseas more than 20 years ago when I was working in Beijing. They came from everywhere for cosmetic surgery or other treatments. European tourists discussed health care in Bangkok. As a foreign resident, I visited the same prestigious medical center that served high-ranking government officials. Dentists crowned [...]

Time Film provides insight into internal life of Danville Alzheimer’s patient

When filmmaker Scott Kirschenbaum visited the dementia care unit at Danville’s Reutlinger Community for Jewish Living to research a film on Alzheimer’s, he was greeted by a lively woman who offered to show him around. “She presented herself as a staff member,” Kirschenbaum later said. But as the tour progressed, he saw she was one [...]

New UCSF report shows more deficiencies with for-profit nursing homes

New UCSF report shows more deficiencies with for-profit nursing homes

If you’re considering a nursing home, beware. Check out staff-to-patient ratio and learn who owns the place. That’s a lesson from a new report by researchers at UC San Francisco, who aimed to compare quality of care in the country’s 10 largest for-profit nursing home chains with care in other for-profits, nonprofits and government-run facilities. [...]

Keeping Osteoporosis At Bay

“Keeping Osteoporosis At Bay” by Joan Aragone was originally published on Mercury I was on my second cup of coffee recently when I decided to reread a column I wrote two years ago about reversing osteoporosis through lifestyle changes. The column focused on exercise and weight training as ways to successfully alter a diagnosis [...]

Studying French or Spanish may revive an aging brain

Compared to most Europeans and college-educated people from other parts of the world, Americans are known for being able to speak only one language: English. And when scholars or travelers advocate the study of foreign languages in the United States, the reaction is often, “Why bother? This country is huge, and everybody speaks English. And [...]