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Older Californians Missing Opportunity for Food Assistance

Only 10 percent of eligible residents over 60 apply Bob Hyman, a retired salesman with health problems, stocks up at the weekly food pantry at his subsidized senior housing facility. From food provided by the San Francisco Food Bank, he selects carrots, cabbage, potatoes, celery, onions, apples, pears, canned beans, bread and rice. “It’s a [...]

Livable Communities in California

Summary: • Population over 65 will double by 2030 in California. • Livable communities enhance mobility for all. • Big cities “can’t just sprawl forever. Every morning Paul Zykofsky walks to work. From his condo in the Midtown neighborhood of Sacramento, he strolls eight blocks under a leafy canopy of trees to his downtown job, [...]

Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully By Joan Aragone San Mateo County Times It’s hard to make a connection between the 20-something sexpot in tights, with great legs, stiletto heels and a provocative stare and the smiling, plumpish white-haired woman in a turtleneck and baggy sweater relaxing in a roomy chair. But, as author Amy Gorman illustrates in her [...]

China’s Surprising Tropical Resort : Development is slowly luring tourists back to the beaches of Hainan Island.

HAINAN ISLAND, China — As the 40-minute flight from Guangzhou cut through the clouds and began its descent to Haikou Airport, at the northern tip of Hainan Island, we could see new high-rises protruding over rice fields and tumbledown shacks. Lush fields and ribbons of beach lined both sides of the small city below. We [...]