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Livable Communities in California

Summary: • Population over 65 will double by 2030 in California. • Livable communities enhance mobility for all. • Big cities “can’t just sprawl forever. Every morning Paul Zykofsky walks to work. From his condo in the Midtown neighborhood of Sacramento, he strolls eight blocks under a leafy canopy of trees to his downtown job, [...]

Are You Alone or Are You Lonely?

More evidence is in that social connectedness is important to healthy aging, but our attitude toward our situation also plays a role. A recent study by sociologists from the University of Chicago suggests that older people who feel lonely face greater health risks than those who don’t identify themselves as lonely, regardless of the actual [...]

Tough Times Underline Importance of Resources for Seniors

Tough times underline importance of resources for seniors By Joan Aragone San Mateo County Times Times are tough for millions of Americans, and San Mateo County seniors are not excluded. According to staff members with the county’s social and health agencies, increasing numbers of residents 55 and older are watching homes and retirement funds lose value, [...]